No new start is complete without some graduation cake!
No new start is complete without some graduation cake!

I did it! I graduated college as a successful, single, independent female!

Exactly one week ago I graduated from Huntington University and I couldn’t have asked for a better undergraduate experience. I am now entering the “hire me” phase of life filled with lots of potential for fabulous new starts.

I’ve spent the last couple of days searching, applying for jobs, figuring out grad school, and redecorating my temporary transitionary residence back in my old room. Yes, I am back at my childhood country home living with my parents and brother. Sadly the life of a just-out-of-college graduate isn’t so glamorous and I need to find a job and save up money before I can buy my mansion.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’m unpacking, decorating, and throwing away random items from my younger days (a plastic bat tapped entirely in duck tape, giant pencils that won’t even fit in my desk drawer, and a drawing of Meowzart the orchestra conductor cat…what?) is that if I don’t have a calendar or planner I don’t do anything…and I mean anything. If I don’t have a place to physically write down and check off my goals it’s like my motivation has been sucked away. I don’t know what it is, but someway, somehow checking items off a list gives me more motivation and energy than my daily cup of coffee. And so, like a responsible adult (and because of my mom’s insistence) I got myself a dry erase calendar and pink planner. Come at me life! I’m ready to check you off!

I created this blog as an output for my creative interests, hobbies, life experiences, and any other random topic or project that pops into my mind while pursuing my search for a job and furthering my education. For the first time in my life I do not have concrete plans, but I’ll trust, pray, and see where my road leads razzling and dazzling along the way!


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