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Tea Time

This past week I had a baking/tea party with my elemantary-age cousins. We had a blast and I was surprised at their ability to not make a (very big) mess! We baked and frosted chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and my brother served as our “taste tester” (such a sacrifice). We drank water in our tea cups (classy, right?) since apparently little kids aren’t huge fans of tea. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my afternoon and I’m looking forward to having a “crafting party” with them next!

92134106     I went a little “Alice in Wonderland” with the decorations — partly because it fit the tea party theme and partly because I just really like Alice in Wonderland! I found three mismatched tea cup sets and a tea pot from an antique shop and then just used things I had around my home to create this crazy, non-matching (I know…not me at all!) bright-colored table for my girly-girl cousins. 🙂


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