The six types of people you find in a workout class


I am a huge fan of group workout classes. There’s something about the trainer, facility, other members of the class and, of course, cute workout clothing that makes me push myself extra hard. (Not to mention it gives me a chance to be around people. Post-grad and post-dorm life has left me searching for more human interaction.) And since it is almost freakishly cold February, my outside running frequency has been low.

I’ve been going to these classes for a while now, and I can’t help but notice different types of people becoming blatantly obvious in my mind. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s zumba, cycling, tabata or yoga, someone is bound to fit into each of these categories.

The person who’s always late. Last Friday I was finishing up my cycling class, you know, doing the cool down stretches and everything, when someone walked in. I kid you not, they joined the class for only the cool down stretches. What type of workout is that?! This is something I will never understand.

The hot mom. I got to give her kudos, because she definitely motivated me to order more workout clothing. Country running attire (aka: old t-shirts and shorts or sweatpants) was making me feel a bit self-conscious. Thank you hot mom for showcasing the latest workout fashion.

The creeper man. I go to mainly aerobics classes, so that basically equals middle age women, a couple 20-somethings like myself and some very nice, sweet older ladies. So when I walked into zumba one day and saw a man standing in the room, I felt a little self-aware. Who knows, maybe he enjoys shaking his hips to Latin music.

The incognito in the back. I’m never really sure when they come or go. That’s the mystery of the back row people. I’m not really sure where they go either. There seems to be fewer people at the end of the class than at the beginning…

The person I recognize but can’t remember how or what their name is for the life of me. This is the problem living in a small town. Maybe you were my second grade teacher? Or maybe my brother’s third grade teacher? Oh great you know my name. I’ll smile and pretend I know you too!

The ambitious young-in. Clearly the oddball of the group. Different in age, ambitious in every exercise and loves standing front and center. Exercise should be fun anyway, right?!

And there you have it! The six people of a workout class. I wonder if I’ll discover more the next time I head to the gym.



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