It’s Not Summer without a Straw Hat

It was love at first sight when I saw this hat at Kohl’s.

Okay, that’s a weird verb choice. It was like. It was like at first sight when I saw this hat at Kohl’s. And right then and there I thought, “This is going to be the summer that I actually wear hats.” My hat-wearing seems to go in phases. I had a time in undergrad when I’d wear them pretty frequently. Lately I’ve just been slacking in my hat wearing.

…But not anymore! I plan on rocking this hat to outdoor weddings this summer–the perfect excuse to wear a garden hat (that is until I check off attending the Kentucky Derby on my bucket list).

I’ve always been a fan of neon colors, but also pastels. So why not wear them both?! This easy, breezy neon Jennifer Lopez tank top, also from Kohl’s, cost me $20 (Kohl’s coupons thank you!). These light blue pastel high-waisted shorts are from Arden B. and I purchased them for $12.25. I liked them so much, and the price was right, so I also bought a second pair in a pastel peach. I wanted a simple jewelry piece to go with this laid-back outfit, and I found the perfect accent item in this original jewelry artwork. I found this simple clay square necklace from an art studio in Zionsville called Art in Hand for $25. The paint on this piece also ties the outfit together adding a bit more blue. Lastly, the straw hat (the current object of my fashion fancy) totaled at $16.

I ❤ summer hats.



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