Five Funny Camp Moments

I’m back from camp and I’m back to routine….kind of.

The morning after camp I slept in until 12:30. I promise that’s not the norm for me.

I didn’t realize just how exhausted I was. Kudos to people who work at camp all summer long! Despite my achy muscles (the beds weren’t the greatest and I ran the surrounding hills a couple mornings…a terrain I’m definitely not use to!) and sleep-deprived state, I’d go back to camp again in a heartbeat!

I had twelve little third and fourth grade girls, along with a wonderful assistant counselor, in my cabin this year. The weather was perfect—not too hot, not too cold—the zones ran smoothly, the chapels were impactful, the food was yummy, free time was filled with excited squeals and I witnessed some pretty funny camp moments.

I present to you my five funny (at least in my style of humor) moments while at Camp Blast!

  1. Falling lanterns. This started out as a bad thing—you don’t know real terror until you hear the dozen neon paper lanterns you took hours hanging on the ceiling falling in the middle of the night—but later it became more of a joke. The poor girls! Some of the lanterns even fell on them while they were sleeping. But I ended up letting the girls tape lanterns to their bunks and each take one home once camp was over. I’ve learned my lesson: clear tape and fishing line tied to lanterns doesn’t last long when attached to the ceiling.
  1. Justin Bieber isn’t so popular with elementary school students. “Ewwww! My mom packed me a Justin Bieber shirt!!!” One of my campers exclaimed this at bedtime as she held up a white night t-shirt with a large head of a young Justin Bieber. Everyone, including us two counselors, started laughing and saying “ewwww.” Justin Bieber definitely doesn’t have fans among this crowd.
  1. “You should marry her brother.” Kids and their reasoning skills… I was having a conversation at lunch with one of my campers. She was telling me the ages of her siblings. She stated her oldest brother is almost 25. Another camper at my table turns to me and asked, “How old are you?” “Twenty-three,” I replied. Her automatic response? “You should marry her brother.” If only it were that easy.
  1. “Is she your girlfriend?” “No.” “Then why are you talking to her?” Oh that’s right, I forgot about the whole cooties thing. I was having a conversation with another male counselor (who is a highschooler by the way) when one of his cabin boys comes running over and blurts out, quite loudly might I add, “Is she your girlfriend?” I started cracking up laughing, but he turned a little red. I think he was embarrassed. I told the camper “no” and his response of “then why are you talking to her” made me laugh even more!
  1. Underwear on the pathways. Why? I’m not sure we will ever know. My campers and I spotted a pair of girl’s underwear on the sidewalk on the way back from chapel. Rumor has it there was a pair of boys underwear on a path in the woods. I just don’t get it.

Camp Blast 2014, you definitely were a week to remember!



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