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Simple September Fashion and Makeup

7My dog’s eating fallen golden delicious apples.

My mom rolls up the bottom cuffs of her jeans.

My dad pulls pumpkins from the garden, already orange.

My brother’s rocking flannel (but then again, he does this year-round.)

I sit my camera down momentarily and slip my hands into my hoodie pocket.

I inhale and exhale the crispness of the air. It’s almost fall.

Fall is my absolute favorite season. What’s not to love with fall parties, street fairs, flannel, gorgeous colors and pumpkin-flavored everything.

Life takes off in the fall and I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a work and school routine.

I pick my camera back up and adjust the settings. I wish I could capture the feeling of fall in one photo.

A wisp of wind with a touch of humidity brushes the back of my neck.

Summer is fighting but fall is winning.


FASHION: I love scarves. I operate under the rule that a girl can never have too many. Now that the summer humidity has said goodbye (and hopefully doesn’t return), I can finally justify throwing on a scarf. I found this Norwegian-like print scarf at Charming Charlie for $5. I paired this with a strong silver necklace for $12, also from Charming Charlie. I used a plain black shirt, chunky black shoes and dark blue jeans as a backdrop for my statement scarf and necklace. I concluded this look with a navy blue Vera Bradley envelope for $28.


Makeup: My goal here was to create a natural makeup look with a bold eyeliner. I applied foundation primer followed by a liquid matte foundation. Next I applied a natural mineral cheek color, Shy Blush, by starting at the apples of my cheeks and blending along the cheekbone. After that I added a base layer of a natural matte mineral eye color, Sweet Cream, to my entire eyelid. I decided to then add a black eyeliner to resemble a cat eye. I started at the outer corners of my eyes and worked my way in. I finished up with mascara on my top and lower lashes, and a dab of natural-colored lip gloss.


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