Winter Velvet

titleEvery year I purchase a brand new dress to wear to Christmas Eve Church service. This year I was dead set on a glitter dress. No, no, not a dress entirely covered in glitter, but one with tastefully placed gold glitter accents.

Well, I came across a gorgeous cobalt blue velvet dress, and those plans went out the window. And I’m so glad they did! Glitter is difficult to pull off post-Christmas, but velvet? Not so much!


I plan on rocking velvet all winter long.

I like to be different, and so when I found this dress from Tobi I decided to give it a try.

I love this dress because of the cobalt blue color, tulle skirt lining (ballerina for life…I will always love tulle!) and a-line shape.


I wanted to keep the focus on the dress so my accessories were simple. I paired this outfit with black tights, black pumps, a silver bangle bracelet, black and silver earrings and a gorgeous Lia Sophia Mason necklace (the company is now retiring…which makes me very sad!).

I’m wearing a velvet shirt as I type this post and I’ll continue wearing velvet pieces for the rest of January, February and maybe even March. Velvet is the perfect winter fabric.


PS: Tutus make photos more fun. 🙂


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