10 Fashion Trends That I’m Dreaming Will Come Back in Style


Apparently I have been looking at too many old photos because I’m dreaming in black and white. Here’s some fun facts for you: typically the elderly dream more in black and white, the younger in color and the middle-age in technicolor. It all has to do with the media we were exposed to growing up…or in my case my fascination with 1800s black and white photography.

Color or no color, practical or not, there’s some fashion trends I think would be pretty cool if they came back in style.

Here’s my top ten list of fashion trends that I’m dreaming will come back in style!

1. The corset top. Hourglass figure! 🙂corset copy

2. The circle skirt. 1950s. So classic and feminine!

circleskirt copy

3. Scrunchies. For when you’re feeling fun and girlie girl.


4. Fancy gloves. For a bolder look.

gloves copy

5. Block heels. I love heels and, because these are block heels, they’re a little easier to walk in than stilettos.

blockheels copy

6. Parasols. Even better if it’s raining…fashion and practicality!

parasol copy

7. Tutus. Never really was a trend…but I want it to become one.

8. Matching tops and bottoms. I love how put together it looks.

matching copy

9. Floppy hats. Year-round wear, perhaps?

hat copy

10. 1974 Wrap dresses. Because it’s flattering on all body types.

wrapdress copy


So there are 10 fashion trends I think should come back. What about you? Any favorites from over the years you’re wanting to return? Or maybe not return?


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