Every Wedding Has A Sweaty Dance Kid.

Dancing with my dad…and no, neither one of us was the “sweaty dance kid” for this wedding. 🙂

It’s true. It really is. Every wedding has a sweaty dance kid.

Now, I can’t take credit for this observation—my dad first noticed this phenomenon. But once he said it, I immediately started seeing a sweaty dance kid at each wedding I’ve attended so far this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to dance and usually do dance a lot at weddings, but the sweaty dance kid loves to dance, maybe even lives to dance. Whatever it is, once the music starts playing he cannot resist the urge to move. It doesn’t matter if he has armpit sweat stains (and he usually does). It doesn’t matter if he’s dying of thirst (he can dance over to his table, dance while he’s drinking and then dance back to the dance floor without missing a beat). It doesn’t even matter if he needs to use the restroom (sweat gets rid of excessive body water anyway, right?). The sweaty dance kid feels the beat and he has to move! And magically enough, the sweaty dance kid loves all music and seems to know every song regardless of the genre. The sweaty dance kid truly is a phenomenon!

I have another wedding coming up soon and I know I’ll be on the lookout for the sweaty dance kid. You should be on the lookout too, and if you can’t find one…then it might be you! (Unintentional rhyme…sorry)

Happy dancing!


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