Four (Affordable) Items to Rock this Spring!


Spring has finally arrived in Indiana! (At least I think so. Who knows, it could snow tomorrow. Typical Indiana.) And what better way to celebrate warmer weather than with a shopping afternoon dedicated to buying pastel clothing!

New York & Company is one of my favorite stores not only for their feminine, professional styles, but also for their prices. I honestly think they have some sort of sale going on every other day. I very rarely buy anything for full retail price (markup is outrageous!), and seeing NY&C had a sale this past weekend at the mall, I made sure to include them on my shopping spree.

Above are my four favorite items I just purchased from NY&C. Details: 1 – necklace $10 (special day deal) / 2 – three-fourths sleeve geometric shirt $17.18 (60% off) / 3 – geometric pattern tank top $8 (special day deal) / 4 – polka dot scarf $11.47 (special day deal)

I also had a $20 off coupon to contribute to my final purchase. Signing up to receive store mail and email coupons really can make a huge difference on savings. I have a separate email account devoted completely to coupons and promotions. This eliminates my personal, work and school emails taking hours to sort through.

What I really like about these four items are the pastel shades, which are always a good idea for spring. NY&C garments, in my experience, are good quality garments and are constructed well. My go-to outfit is a flowy shirt, skinny jeans and heels, so the three-fourths sleeve shirt works great with my style. The other pieces will no doubt find a place in my work attire wardrobe – a classic statement necklace to adorn basic shirts, a patterned tank top to pair with a basic skirt or pant and a light weight scarf to transition from winter to spring.

Happy spring shopping everyone!



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