Fashion Friday!

Boutiques are my weakness. I love quaint little shops with frilly, feminine clothing and knickknacks that you don’t necessarily need, but buy anyway.

I found a boutique I really like called Lesley Jane in Zionsville, Indiana. The clothing racks hang from the ceiling on vine-like suspensions, giving the shop an ethereal feel. I liked almost all of the clothing inside when I visited, so I had to limit myself to one outfit.

I’m a fan of 20s-inspired fashion, and I think the crochet metallic gold tank top and purple slip dress gave an essence of that decade. The lace neckline purple slip dress retailed for $42 and the crochet tank top retailed for $35. I paired these two layering pieces with a simple Lia Sophia Lit Up Necklace (Rose gold, crystal baguettes, price — $34).

I was overly optimistic for good weather on the day I wore this, so I grabbed a cream-colored, three-fourths sleeve cardigan I had in the closet. And, of course, a good pair of heels make an outfit complete!

I’ll definitely have to make a trip back to Lesley Jane in the near future!



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