DIY: Wall Art from Scrap Wood


Last Friday I had a DIY crafting day with my cousin. She made a pallet coat hanger (which looks so cute by the way). I still had pallets left for yet another pallet creation, but I decided to opt out for a simpler project.

My dad has a woodworking shop in the barn with a large supply of scrap wood. I explored a bit (with permission, of course!) and found the perfect piece of scrap wood for my wall art project.

22      23 As you can see the scrap wood with a little dirty, so I started by wiping it off with an old t-shirt.

25      26Next, I got out my handy-dandy hand sander, and smoothed the front side of the board. I then sanded the edges by hand. I used vinyl gloves and cheesecloth to dab on a dark-colored wood finish. Really any color stain will do, depending on your preference. I used one coat of Minwax wood finish in Special Walnut 224.

27      28After letting the stain dry for about 30 minutes, I was ready to decorate this piece of wall art. My cousin brought Paint Pods from Ace Hardware. Paint Pods are sample size Royal Satin Wall and Trim paint. They come in a variety of colors and work well on wood projects. I decided on one color for my project–Sleek Siamese (which is white). Some of the samples had very interesting names. I would love to see the product marketing behind this!

29      31    I have a fascination with pictures of dandelions (as I’m sure you can tell from posts around my blog), and so I painted a simple dandelion silhouette using an assortment of different size paint brushes. Painting the actual design was definitely the most fun part of the project. It’s so relaxing! Next, after waiting for the design to dry, I decided to roughen up the edges of the board. I used a gold-colored oil pastel, as you can see pictured above.

30      32Using the pastel, I scribbled along the left and right edges of the board. The goal here was to add even more vintage flare to an already vintage stain. I also liked adding a subtle gold color to the brown wood. After scribbling along the two side edges, I blended the gold into the wood using a paper towel. The above right photo shows the post-blended stage.


Almost done! The very last step of my wall art project was to add a layer of Mod Podge over the entire surface. I used a medium-sized sponge brush to apply a single layer. This creates a protective coating over the paint and pastel so it will not smear.


FINISHED! I most definitely will have to try out more wall art projects!


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