Summer Staples

SummerfavsThe Indiana summer humidity is full-on strong. For me, that means the heat drains my energy, and that I will rely even heavier on my summer staple items when it comes to picking an outfit for the day.

My first summer staple is a crossbody purse. I am absolutely a purse girl. I love crossbody purses because 19syour hands are free as you walk around outside at fairs, camps and parties. No more forgetting where you sat your purse! I purchased the cockatoo (yes, that’s the name of the color!), three-pocket crossbody bag pictured above from Maurices. The same style also comes in light tan, dark tan, coral, cream and gray (those aren’t the actual color names, but this made more sense to me). Maurices had a buy one, get one half off sale, and with the addition of coupons, the purse was around $15.

Who knew Costco carried clothing?!

Rumor has it they also carry North Face, but I failed to see any on my trip last week (first time at Costco EVER whoop whoop!). I don’t know why, but oversized and miniature products excite me. Buying ridiculous bulk quantities is also exciting. In the case of Costco, you can buy a 200 pack of Coffee K-Cups or a 40 lb. pail of honey!

Back on topic. Besides the bulk items, they also carry clothing. Most of it was so-so (excluding the adorable children’s clothes), but I did find a fantastic maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are my second summer staple. Thank goodness they have made a comeback, because sometimes I don’t feel like shaving my legs. Or all the time. The maxi skirt I found at Costco, for $16, came in a couple different patterns, but I liked the tiger-striped gray/dark green/black pattern the best. The elastic waist skirt is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to accessorize.

The third summer staple is a pair of sunglasses. Finding a pair of sunglasses can be hard. I don’t like the way most styles look on my face (baby face problems), but I have finally found a pair I really like! I purchased the Trina Go-Wild-patterned sunglasses during the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale this past April. They’re currently selling for $60 on their website, but I was able to purchase them at the outlet sale for less than half the price!

These three staple items look great paired with a solid t-shirt and any jewelry that suits your fancy. Now if only I could tame my curly hair in this humidity!



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