Hey. I’m selling Mary Kay.


“Are you going to buy anything?” I heard my dad say as I opened the garage door, about to leave for a Mary Kay glamour party.

“Nah, I probably won’t,” I replied, pausing to glance over my shoulder. “I’m just going to look.”

I’m just going to look. It’s the biggest lie girls tell boys everywhere.

But this one time I technically didn’t tell a lie–I decided to full-on conquer the task of becoming a Mary Kay beauty consultant instead.

Growing up my mom use to keep tubs of Mary Kay products stashed in my closet (the biggest closest of the home). In middle school I begged her to let me try makeup. She went to her tubs, pulled out a simple mascara, natural eye shadow and clear lip gloss and gave me the first makeup lesson I’d ever had. Time went on and I got excited each time a new magazine or new makeup order arrived at the door, eagerly exploring the contents.

I like makeup. I always have. To me, makeup and skin care products are a form of medicine and expression of art. For those of us with acne problems (which hits late bloomers like me in post-teenage years), these products are a way to cover the sores, and even help heal. For us creative brains, the face is a blank canvas, just waiting to see what way it will be transformed this day. The layers of color, the lines, the brush strokes can reflect your mood, your personality, or your fashion statement each day.

I was disappointed when my  mom decided to stop selling Mary Kay. I scrambled for a while, trying to find a replacement brand. Nothing was ever quite the same.

Years later I found myself at a Mary Kay party. I sat beside my friend and giggled as we applied and misapplied makeup to our faces. The product was back in my hands, and I realized just how much I missed it. One day later I decided the Mary Kay journey was for me and signed a contract to start my own business. Like mother like daughter I guess.

Yes, I’m selling Mary Kay, and I couldn’t be more excited!


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