The Smoldering Smokey Eye

smokey eyeI think it’s a good skill to know how to do a basic smokey eye, and until recently, I definitely needed the practice!

This Mary Kay smokey eye was fairly quick and easy. I used typical smokey eye colors–greys, purples, blacks–to complete my smokey eye, but the current trend is actually to use the smokey eye effect with any colors. I’ll have to try this technique with a different set of colors for fall.

And a side note, the key to a great smokey eye is great brushes and a whole lot of blending!




1. Apply your normal primer and foundation to your entire face (don’t forget primer on your eyelids!)

2. EYE CREAM: Cover your entire eyelids with Beach Blonde Eye Cream. (This serves as a base for your mineral eye colors you will be adding).

3. HIGHLIGHTER: Using short, little strokes, add Honey Spice Mineral Eye Color to the inner corners and below the brow of your eyelid.  (Highlighters bring features on your face forward).

4. MIDTONE: Using swift back and forth strokes, apply Shimmering Lilac Mineral Eye Color to the crease of your eye, then swiftly stroke color down. (The midtone color should peak through when your eyes are open).

5. ACCENT: Sweeping back and forth across the lash line, add Coal Mineral Eye Color and gradually bring up into the crease. (It’s always better to start with too little than too much). Blending is key!

6. EYELINER: Wet the tip of a sponge applicator and dip the tip into the coal color used in step five. Apply the color to the top and bottom row of lashes, applying from the far corner and working in.

7. Go back to the honey spice color used in step 3, and line the bottom lashes.

8. MASCARA: Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes. (I usually curl my top row of lashes first for 10-20 seconds).

9. BRONZER: Below the cheekbone add three dots of Bronzing Powder and blend with a brush or cotton ball.

10. BOLD LIP: Here’s another trend–smokey eyes paired with a bright colored lip (opposed to the previous neutral color). I used a bit of Red Passion NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss to complete my look.

And there you have it! The Smoldering Smokey Eye! colors




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