A Day in December Brain Dump

I don’t know if this is insanely creative or insanely dumb, but for one 9-5 workday period this week, I wrote down what I was thinking each hour. And, as a bonus, I took a selfie (with my iPhone…please excuse the low-quality photos).

Weird, I know.

But then again, maybe it’s not. This post gives you a glimpse into the glittery, sparkly inner workings of my brain. And you get to see nine selfies! (Well, 10. I threw in a bonus.) Or, to phrase it in a more respectable and fanciful way, you get to view my self-portraits.

You’re welcome blogging world.

19:00 AM “Oh crap it’s 9 AM and I’m still driving down the road eating my cheerios. Guess I’ll just quietly ninja-sneak inside the office….like usual…”







210:00 AM “I think I may put Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 on my Christmas list. Also I hate mornings.”








311:00 AM “I need to make paper snowflakes and hang them all over my house.”






IMG_3387NOON “I wonder how long it’ll take before I’m known as ‘the coffee at noon girl who always orders the same thing’ at McDonald’s.”





***Note there is no smiling until noon.


51:00 PM “It is unacceptable to have to microwave the coffee I just bought.”








62:00 PM “Why has no one commented on my fabulous grey boots?! Do they look stupid with this outfit?! Do I need to change?!”





73:00 PM “I feel like one of those creepy girls in horror movies that shows up in mirrors of Victorian houses. Hey…I work in a Victorian house!”







84:00 PM “djf;ajf;lkjfijeinieceici.” (brain while typing database entry)








95:00 PM “Look at my socks!”









IMG_3430Because I’m having so much fun with this…it’s me at the dentist!

“Why am I doing this?”







So that’s my December hourly brain dump. I highly recommend trying it. It’s fun to see how your thoughts and pictures progress throughout the day!


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