Spring Minimalism

Minimalism is having a moment.

Whether it be makeup or fashion, minimalism is taking over spring fashion runways worldwide.

You know what this means–less time spent on makeup and matching outfits in the morning, and more time spent on sleeping!

My spring go-to makeup is super simple. I’m skipping the shimmery eye shadows and blush I used during the winter and instead opting for a matte finish.

I start with primer, then liquid matte foundation, followed by a brush of matte, skin-colored eyeshadow over my eyelids. I then lightly brush on brown eyeshadow to line my upper and lower lashes, followed by a coat of mascara primer. I end by blending bronzer along my cheekbones, applying a coat of mascara to my upper and lower lashes and dabbing on some natural colored lip gloss.

If you do this enough times you get really fast! 🙂 Easter’s coming up this weekend and I have my Sunday look ready to go. I plan on wearing this makeup with a matching light blue top and skirt. Stay tuned next week to see the whole look!

Products I use:

Foundation Primer

Liquid Matte Foundation

Brush Set

Sweet Cream Eye Shadow

On the Horizon Baked Eye Trio

Lash Primer


Light-Medium Bronzing Powder

Lip Gloss




10 thoughts on “Spring Minimalism

  1. I’m totally a minimal girl too! Every now and then I pump it up on my eyes, but that’s about as crazy as I get lol!


      1. I’m wearing it in all the photos on my blog posts so you can kind of see what it looks like.


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