1I love to match.

That’s no surprise to anyone who knows me. It makes me so happy (probably too happy) when my clothes or shoes or accessories match.

I’ve become a fan of online shopping. It’s so convenient (and time-wasting) that I find myself doing it often. I’ve been looking for a matching top and bottom set, and I found one I really liked on Go Jane.

The powder blue color was perfect for my Easter outfit. This outfit I put together is classy and polished, yet modern. It has an essence of 1950’s, yet the long outer layer of mesh on the skirt, and the slight crop top (the shortest I will go unless I’m at the lake) with a mesh back make it modern. The top was a little baggy for my liking, so I ended up gathering and pinning it in two places to make it tighter.

2Going with the pastel spring color theme, I paired the set with a blush pink necklace and bracelet. I wanted the clothing to be the focal point for this outfit, so I went with closed toed nude heels.

I love the freshness of this outfit and since it’s separates, I can mix and match the top and bottom with other pieces in my closet.

View the skirt HERE.

View the top HERE.




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