Giving Tuesday


Hey you! Yes you! I see you chugging along there reading blog posts and surfing the wonderful world of the web.


It’s Giving Tuesday! I did not know this until about an hour ago. With all the shopping days (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) it’s nice to see a day that gives back to an organization in need.

For today, I am highlighting House of Hope Northeast Indiana. Yes, I am their Public Relations person, but beside that, it seriously is a great organization. They counsel, school, and house troubled teen boys. These boys live and work on a farm raising cattle. They also attend school and counseling in the separate townhouse location.

And the unique part of this program….they counsel the whole family. That’s right. Families HAVE to be a part of the healing and restoration process. House of Hope fights for the family. It fights to teach families how to be healthy and whole functioning units, the way God created.

Consider donating to this organization for Giving Tuesday. It’s worth it.



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