Turtleneck Time


It’s that time of year.

It looks warm in these photos, but it’s really not. It’s December in Indiana, which means yesterday people mowed their yards and tomorrow it’s going to snow. Yep, it’s time to break out my stash of tasteful turtlenecks! And boy does it feel good!

3picI am very serious about my love of turtlenecks…..clearly. I mean, how can you wear a turtleneck and not feel like you’ve got it all together? Hence, here is my serious, turtleneck-wearing face.

1I found this deep sea teal relaxed turtleneck tunic from the LOFT–one of my favorite places to shop. I paired it with dark blue skinny jeans, also from the LOFT, and nude pumps. I wear these pumps so much I live in constant fear I’m going to break off a heel. I need to go shoe shopping….you know….just in case.

12And I accented my turtleneck with gold jewelry. I found this necklace featuring white geometric shapes from White House Black Market. The gold bangle bracelet I found at a thrift shop. I’m not much of a thrift shopper when it comes to clothing, but vintage jewelry I find super cool!


10  8  9



Does anyone else have this problem? A dog that comes running over when she sees a tripod because she has to be in the photos?!  





I wore this turtleneck to church and a work Christmas party. It’s comfortable and dressy–definitely one of my favorite combinations.


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