4 Office Supplies to Start the New Year Right


It’s Wednesday morning and I am impressed with myself that I have only accidentally dated something “2015” once. Andddddd…… that I said that I probably jinxed myself and will haphazardly write “2015” on all my documents without noticing. I’ve already spilled my coffee. I try SO HARD to be neat. And organized. And put together. But then something stupid always seems to happen, like the dripping coffee or my struggle to open a push gate at the gym Monday morning. That was embarrassing.

Anyway, 2016 is here. I have a new job and a new living environment and everything is off to a fantastic start. I’m living in the moment and loving both.

There are, however, a couple of items I need to keep me sane. I’m type A. Very type A. It’s unfortunate sometimes. So here are a couple of items I found that I am using to start this year. They keep me calm and organized–my biggest priorities at the moment.

Gold and rose gold also seem to be a thing for me right now. (Notice the color similarities between all these items…)

1. A 2016 Planner


I am so lost without this. I found this Sugar Paper 2016 Planner on Amazon. It’s not too bright to be obnoxious in work settings, but not so boring that it lacks any style element at all.


2. Candle Warmer


This is a new thing for me I’ve recently been getting into. This is technically called a Scent Sensations Edison Wax Warmer, and the style is called “Scout.” I like industrial designs, so I was immediately drawn to the metal lamp and light bulb. There’s also a couple other super cool designs to choose from. I ordered this one on Amazon. Online shopping is too easy. You put the tarts on top, turn on the switch, and viola! My bedroom instantly smells wonderful! It makes the stress of life somehow much more bearable when a room smells great!


3. Organization Baskets


Don’t let the photos fool you…I only bought one of these. I couldn’t choose between the two photos….I liked both! I found them at Meijer and they will be put to good use in either my bedroom or work desk (still deciding).

4. Travel Coffee Mug


Of course. What would I do without this? Buy my coffee from a coffee shop? Some days, but that’s a lot of money I could save by just bringing my own. I found this one at Meijer. It’s simple enough it shouldn’t clash too much with my outfits…

And not drinking coffee is not an option.


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