Comfort Meets Class: Work Attire

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This room (pictured above) is somewhat affectionately called the, “Purple Room.” It is the only office suit in the entire building with carpet. The rest are beautiful hardwood floors. As the only tenants on the second floor, we sometimes peek into the other office suites. Levitate’s office suite is, obviously, the most gorgeous. But something about the lighting in this purple carpet room intrigues me.

I work in a gorgeous, upstairs office suite of a late 1800s Victorian mansion. My post two weeks ago included a couple of photos of my workspace. Some days I walk into the house, up the grand staircase, and think, “Dang, the house outclassed me again!” I feel like this space needs a ball gown, or at least a decent pair of stilettos.

But I don’t always wear outrageous heels to work. And ball gowns aren’t really work appropriate, unless you’re going to a fancy awards ceremony or gala (which isn’t exactly the norm for me). Most of the time I aim for something that’s classy and casual.

This long, blue-patterned tunic top, picture above, is comfort to the max. I bought it from Target during my hour-long shopping visit that should have taken 15 minutes. Dang you Target and all your pretty, shiny distracting items! I paired it with a knit, black pencil skirt from The Loft, black “shooties” from Kohl’s, black tights, and a furry grey purse I’ve had in my closet forever. Another workday outfit combo achieved!


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