Granola Fruit Tart

Guys, I love pretty food. And this Granola Fruit Tart is not only pretty….but it actually tastes good too! I made this for a bridal shower brunch last weekend. It was the perfect light, bright, fun dish on a cold, gloomy, snowy day. I need more occasions to make pretty food! And thank you to… Continue reading Granola Fruit Tart



Spinach Egg Casserole

I am becoming a big fan of brunch…mostly because of the wonderful combination of breakfast food without the just-waking-up-I-don’t-want-to-eat-much-food feeling. I don’t like big breakfasts. I do, however, like a big brunch! My mom has this really good breakfast casserole. She suggested I photograph her recipe and add it to the blog. My mom brought… Continue reading Spinach Egg Casserole